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Metal VS. Punk

awesome 80's

Metal VS. Punk  

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Time to end what??

There's cool shit in both genres.

There's some serious,brutally honest stuff on both sides...and there's inane crap on both sides.

There's the real deal contenders and the bullshit posers.

Both sides had it's strong points and valid contributions.

And if you give it enough thought....you'll see that both sides were equally vilified.

I like em both....you just gotta weed out the cool shit.

There should have been a third option in that poll (to be fair).

c) I like them both

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i aint really listened to a lot of metal. or any metal really, i dunno, i dont think Alice Cooper counts, thats more like...rock n roll so i dunno. never listened to Sabbath or Judas Priest or any of that so i dunno. these genre vs genre comparison and generally a little non-sensical.

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