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Black Sabbath

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To all of those who do the whole 'B+P' thing I'd like to deal with you.

Now...I've never done this but I thought I'd give it a try...

The shows I want are...

The Ritz '88 (Unedited)

Paris, France '92

KROQ Inland Invasion (Unedited if possible?)

Rock AM Ring

Rock In Rio II (The 2nd night where Axl messes up on WTTJ)

Those are the main DVDs I want...I'd like best quality and menus please...and if there are another other GOOD/GREAT quality shows, feel free to suggest!

Get at me people!

EDIT: Also let me know if anyone has any Ozzy shows...

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Ok. I'm at school right now so I'll get to you guys when I get home.

Do all of these have menus and stuff?

And will I be able to copy them for my friends whenever I get them aswell? I should be able to...DVD Shrink and Decrpter usually lets me do any DVd unless its got a heavy duty encryption on it...

All of mine got menus, and you dont need DVD shrink and Decrypter..

Oh and yes.. you can make a copy for you`re friends.

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Ok I forgot to mention...I'd like to ship to the closest place to PA.

If all else fails I'll just ship to one of you two whenever I get my stuff together. (Which should be this weekend sometime...)

More DVDs I also want in the highest quality possbile with menus are, 05.29.1991 Deer Creek Music Center, and Rock in Rio 2001 and 2006 (The one where before I.R.S. Axl says it's about tax Evasion...)

Let me know! Thanks!

EDIT: Also, whenever and whoever I send the Blanks too, can you send them back in those paper slip cases or not? Its fine if you can't but I was just wondering...

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