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Strat vs Tele

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So I need to buy a new guitar. I'm playing live regularly, and my guitar is starting to break up because it's the worst piece of shit ever invented.

I wanted to know the differences between a strat and a tele... I'm going to check them out soon, but wanted to hear your opinions


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when you play the blues, you can't beat slide guitar on the tele

if you throw hard distortion onto the tele you get a really nice rock rythm guitar sound

as far as solos go......if you remember the tone from slash's lead on "since I don't have you" that was a tele

I favor the telecaster HEAVILY over the strat soundwise, cause there's a bunch of cool tricks you can pull on the tele(the psuedo-wah for example)

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they're both great. i'm currently in love with my James Burton Tele. it took a while to get used to the neck, it's a bit on the thick side. i've been playing Jackson and Ibanez for 8 years now. but now that i'm used to the thiker neck, i prefer it.

i plan on getting a strat in Feb. but, if i could only have one guitar, it'd be a Telecaster.


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I love my Mexican Fat Strat to pieces, and personally can't stand the weight distribution on Teles. The Strat is just so comfortable, and I love the tone. I've got an '04 Arctic white Strat, with a black pickgaurd and a Floyd Rose, can't beat it! I plan on taking out one of the single coils one day and putting another humbucker on.

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