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what rolling stones albums should i check out?


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what rolling stones albums should i check out? at the moment i only have the 40 licks cd. i enjoy there 60s stuff on that album more than 70s. eg under my thumb, 19th nervous breakdown, jumpin jack flash as opposed to songs like brown sugar and beast of burden. but i still listen to those songs sometimes. i heard a couple of songs from sticky fingers wild horses, sway and moonlight mile that i think are amazing so i mind getting that album

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my fav is englands newest hitmakers...i know its not original matierial but its so fresh and vibrant and...i dunno, whats the word, brazen? after that its beggars banquet.


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I like the late 70s early 80s Stones like Some Girls, Black N Blue, Undercover (truly underated album)

Miss You from Some Girls

Memory Motel from Black n Blue

Too Tough from Undercover

Before they Make me Run on Some Girls is worth the money of cd along.

"So damn kinky"

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for people in the UK who have the tv channel Paramount. there's a rolling stones song used in one of their adverts for the morning schedule (from about 9 to 12 with scrubs and everyone loves raymond etc.) does anyone know the name of the song? sorry for the bad description ;)

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