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Alice Cooper...

Black Sabbath

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His new video is out now!

It's fuckin' sweet!

It's actually a 10 minute video with mini videos of Vengeance Is Mine, (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side, Killed By Love, then the rest of Vengeance Is Mine.

I'd love to see a video for Salvation if he makes more from this album!

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Epic. Fucking everything Alice does with this album turns to gold. I can't believe how awesome everything's been. Album of the decade.

Okay, calm down. :lol: I love Alice and this album as much as the next fan, but let's not take it that far. We haven't heard the full Chinese Democracy yet, and Ozzy still has an album coming out next year. :xmasssanta:

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meh... He's too old, kinda kills it for me, forties is the limit really.

I can't stand when people say shit like this.

It's like they don't expect others to age at all. :rolleyes:

You're right. It's my fault really, listening o older people's music, but try as I can I just can't get into Slipknot and all that. Some Disturbed songs are good though.

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