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Dragonforce - Ultrabeatdown.


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What do you think of this album? Personaly i like it. I don't like it as much as Inhuman Rampage but some good songs none the less. Heroes of Our Time is a good example.

Video i find fairly good aswell.

i should really get the last few albums i need.

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I haven't listened to it yet, but I have their first three albums - they're pretty cool sounding... but seriously, they're the Nickelback of Power Metal. There are much better bands playing similar music in my opinion. That said, I'm sure it doesn't suck, in that it probably sounds fairly similar to their first three albums, which musically sound very cool, even if you can't tell them apart.

Their recycling of lyrics is funny too.

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a friend of mine went to see Slipknot , Suicide Silence, Disturbed, among other bands i wouldnt go see... along with Dragonforce, and he said everybody was booing them throughout the set to the point where the lead singer started insulting the crowd. then everybody just laughed them off stage, they barely got through 3 songs

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