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Who here has seen Prodigy live?

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Seen them about 5 times now and they have been amazing every time. The last time I saw them was at Download festival the year GNR played. Prodigy were scheduled to finish within about 30 mins of gnr starting.

No worries I thought, Axl will never make the stage early or on time. But lo and behold this was one of the only times he did get there ontime and as Prodigys tent was so packed it took us ages to get out. I sprinted around just in time for another great set by Guns, stood next to a Scandinavian guy tripping on some wierd halluciogenics. He didnt have a crazy perm though unfortunately :rofl-lol:

Great memories.

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Haven't seen Prodigy but saw Keiths solo group at the first Download festival.

I was waiting for other bands I knew to come and Keiths set was shit hot. I wasn't then and I'm not really a fan now but it was very energetic and as someone else has said, the moshpits are insane.

So go see the show. It'll be a good time.

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I went to the gig today, it was cool!

The crowd was really great, very energetic, but really peaceful too - I hate being kicked in the head and in the kidneys 10 times per minute (yeah, 10 beats per minute is too much here).

Maxim was crawling around on a bar at the side of the stage during one song, later he just disappeared for a couple of songs (Where is the other maniac? -This line just kept reappearing in my head like the complete lyrics to some Prodigy song...). Keith was the unstoppable energetic machine he always is. It was very short though, just 75 minutes.

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