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Journal For Plague Lovers


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So, Manics are finally using some of Richey's supermentalwicked lyrics that he left before he........left.


Zane Lowe recently played a track off the album, its a bit of a cracker with some typical Richey lyrics. Sexy bass at the start aswell.

I'm very excited for the album and reading along with the lyric sheet as god knows they'll be indecipherable.

I just got my tickets for one of the upcoming London dates too. On the mini tour they're going to play the whole album front to back then a second set of the classics which should be grand.

I don't know if they're going to tour the album more strongly afterwards as I think they've said there will be no singles and everything about the album makes it seem like a personal venture for them rather than a commercial one.

Oh also, another wonderful album cover (same woman who did THB cover) and greatest tracklist in the world:

Peeled Apples

Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

Me and Stephen Hawking

This Joke Sport Severed

Journal For Plague Lovers

She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach

Facing Page: Top Left

Marlon J.D.

Doors Closing Slowly

All Is Vanity


Virginia State Epileptic Colony

William’s Last Words


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I'm really excited, especially after hearing the track "Peeled Apples" yesterday, it was far better than I expected. I'm a big Manics fan but I was kinda doubtful over the whole thing, but it seems to be turning out really good. I hope they'll tour here soon.

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Peeled Apples

The more I see

The less I scream

The figure eight inside out is infinity

The naked lightbulb is always on

Their make or break completes

Then they blow it to kingdom come

Riderless horses, Noam Chomsky's Camelot

Bruises on my hands from digging my nails out

A series of images against you and me

Trespass your torment if you are what you wanna be

I once impersonated a shopwork dummy

The Levi jean will always be stronger than the uzi

Dwarf takes his cockerel out of the cockpit

Falcons attack the pigeons in the west wing night

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There was talk of this album only have this one single, and then no promotion, like albums used to be, leaving it as a mystery for people?

Not sure what peeled apples is about, but the lyrics make me think of patients in a mental institution, one of whom can't make sense of the socio-poltical nightmare. Minds rotting like peeled apples.

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The album is awesome my favourites are Doors Closing slowly, me and stephen Hawking and Jackie Collins existential question time. I got the signed special edition and it's a beautiful book with pictures of the orginal lyrics and folder left by Richey. Can't wait to see them in Belfast on June the 6th.

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I like it, but I actually prefer Send Away The Tigers (a simpler record lyrically, but I love it)

Also, TIMTTMY is still their best album by a mile = )

Wow,quite an unorthodox MSP fan's view I must say. TIMTTMY is good, I can't seem to get absorbed in it, I might have to just sit down and focus on it, it's the sorta record I've had as background music.

And SATT was quite a good record too, they modernised a bit, which I like.

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Is Nicky still having trouble live? He had back spazms and nerve problems, and has to remail pretty stationary for the gigs apparently.

Yeah he didn't move too much and was clearly in pain at times but was still sharing the crowds enthusiasm and I'm very pleased they didn't cancel or reschedule to be honest. James was magnificent enough anyhow.

I bought the signed 2 disc special edition (17 quid delivered really wasn't too bad) and the artwork is simply incredible. The best all round package for an album I've ever received.

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