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Pink Floyd


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The best new band out there is Coldplay. I saw them in concert not to long ago and they are fucking energetic. Love their music.


Eh, from what I have heard recently, it's all targeted towards a particular audience....whether you would like to agree or not. Im talking mainstream artists. It all appeals to the teenage jonas brother-crazed girls or the 'skater' boys. It's catchy...the tunes are very danceable. Pink Floyd's lyrics are actually meaningful. I haven't heard many artists of the like. A few I can count on one hand would be Michael Buble, Mika, err im running out of names.

Thank god for Pearl Jam's new song, and the few artists that I do think are worthwhile otherwise I would be damned to musical hell.

Too true. However you need to check Muse out :thumbsup:

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pink floyd sound awful when you are high.

yes to each their own, but most would disagree with you.

and apart from Syd Barret, pink floyd were never ever a drug orientated band.

true, which just makes their music all the more powerful.

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pink floyd sound awful when you are high.

I completely disagree with you here. Dark Side of the Moon is a wonderful trip when you are high or feel really numb. Now I have tried listening to The Wall high and that was terrible.

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