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Alice in Chains "Check My Brain"


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Guest Sweet Tooth
^What he said.

AIC without Layne isn't AIC.

What he said indeed but Layne has nothing to do with it - the trademark AIC sound and hard work comes from Jerry, not so much Layne as you can already tell by the impressive DuVall.

The reason this song isn't as good as people say is because it's too repetitive compared to the classic AIC, hopefully this song is just to butter us up.

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AIC without Layne isn't AIC.

Not as much as everyone seems to think IMO. Jerry's guitar tone and harmonies are a much bigger part of their sound if you ask me. You listen to that song and you can instantly tell that it's AiC even without Layne.

Don't get me wrong, i'm a massive Layne fan - he's one of my all time favourite singers... but i'm just happy AiC is back and that they're playing some new music too.

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Layne was a great singer, but it's always been Jerry's band. Duvall is pretty good. This new song is catchy, I haven't been able to get that riff out of my head all week.

Always been Jerry's band? Huh? Yeah he wrote lots of their material, but Layne had an enormous part in thie success. Listen to Jerry on their unplugged performance, his voice was all over the place. Layne's vocals were spot on even when all the distortion and other noise was taken away, Layne sounded amazing. I love Layne and Jerry, and I think the two of them are responsible for their success. Not quite 50/50, since Jerry wrote so much, but probably like 60-40, since Laynes vocals were such a major part of the songs. I can definately say that if it wasnt for Laynes vocals, I wouldnt like AIC nearly as much. Which is why im not as excited for this new record.

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