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Alice Cooper Concert Tomorrow!


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Just got back a little bit ago. Great concert! I'll definitely see Alice again.

I didn't get any pictures that were real good, but I did get a really nice video of Go To Hell. After seeing what the quality was like for it I wish I would have taken more videos.

We didn't even go to out seats. We ended up moving back a bit and standing and we had a better view. I went down by myself and stood a little closer, and the security wasn't too tight so I could have probably snuck up to the front, but didn't. :shrugs:

Either way, it was a great show and Alice doesn't disappoint in the least bit. The only thing that I was a little shocked about was his lack of communication with the crowd. He didn't really say anything to them/us. Then again, the crowd sucked. I felt like I was one of a minute amount that were actually throwing their fists into the air and yelling. :lol: Also, he only played Vengeance Is Mine from ACAS...

Will definitely see Alice again. :thumbsup:







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Probably no to video cameras...I'll be taking my SLR on Monday when I see him, I'm front row and I know it's allowed at the venue. I wish I didn't read Sabbath's post though. I'm trying to keep the setlist a surprise, it was bad enough when I found out in advance he's doing From The Inside and Nruse Rozetta, now Go To Hell too? I hope the rest is as good as the 3 I already know...

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Gotta bump this with my review(s)...here goes:

9/21 - Verona, NY

VERY mixed feelings about the show. Started off great and turned into a nightmare. It was a big rush to get to the venue on time, my last class got out at 4:30 and it was a 3 hour drive to the venue, show started at 8 because there's never opening bands at this venue. Took my Olympus SLR and 2 of my lenses, a wide angle and a telephoto. Show started off great, was a bit surprised to see him start with School's Out, but I'm not complaining. Things went smooth until halfway through Go To Hell. This next bit takesa a little explaining about the venue. It was a casino showroom, with tables. I was the front end of the second table from the stage (First row of tables are reserved for comp tickets for hotel patrons). I was standing on the aisle a bit for taking pictures, and a security guard came and told me to go sit down or they'd throw me out. I kept telling him I was at my spot, I think he assumed I had snuck up from farther back. After a few minutes of trying to talk to him while the band was playing, he got rough with me, forcibly trying to get me to "go back". During this process, my camera got bashed on the table, which I soon found out cracked the internal part of the lens, and somehow apparently broke a circuit board loose in my camera. I went to file a complaint against the guard, and police reports etc. This took the rest of the show to do, and I only got to see the encore after the first 6 songs. The venue claims they hold no responsibility nor liability, and also claim on had my camera there unlawfully, even though they checked it and my lens and the head of security told me it was okay to use. After the show I got talking to the sound guy for a bit, trying to get a setlist since I had missed the whole show. He sent me to ask the head of Alice's crew onstage which I did. I told him my story and he got me a setlist, but he also had me hang around for a few minutes. He came back with 2 comp tickets for the show the next night in Scranton because he thought it was awful the venue offered no compensation. Which leads me to...

9/22 - Scranton, PA

Best Alice Cooper show of the 7 I've been to over the last 2 years. 2 hour drive from school and I had to skip a chorus rehearsal, but worth it. Seats weren't quite as good as the night before (About 15 feet back from the stage), but no complaints. Opening band was 5th Ave. Vampires; Dennis Dunaway's current band. Alice was just on fire last night. And what a setlist! Unfortunately most of the crowd was not as welcoming to the rare songs as I was. The crowd was almost completely dead whenever he wasn't playing something for the Alice Cooper Group, besides Welcome To My Nightmare and Poison. I had also noticed this the night before, of the 7 songs I saw none of them got a really great reaction apart from School's Out the first time and I'm Eighteen, many people left both shows as soon as he started School's Out in the encore. The theatrics were great this time around (3 killings!), but the music dominated this show for me. It's very much a show for the die-hard Cooper fans. From The Inside was definitely the highlight of the show for me, I've always wanted to hear him do it live and never thought it would happen. Saw the head of security again post-show, he came over and said he was glad to see I made it to that show as well.

Now comes the fun part, pictures/setlist. These are among my favorite pictures from the early part of the Verona show, before my issues. No pictures to share from Scranton as I don't have a P&S at school with me.






Setlist (for those of you who don't know it yet):

School's Out

Department Of Youth

I'm Eighteen

Wicked Young Man

Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Go To Hell


Welcome To My Nightmare

Cold Ethyl


The Awakening

From The Inside (w/ extended band jam)

Nurse Rozetta

Is It My Body

Be My Lover

Only Women Bleed

I Never Cry

Black Widow (Instrumental/drum solo)

Vengeance Is Mine

Devil's Food

Dirty Diamonds

Billion Dollar Babies


I Love The Dead

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Under My Wheels


School's Out (Reprise)

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Did ya get a pic of Dennis Dunaway??

Is Dennis's band on the entire tour??(I'd go just for that!!)

No, didn't have a camera in Scranton due to the issues the night before, and there wasn't an opening band in Verona. He looked and sounded great though! He's aged really well, I actually didn't recognize him until the band introduced themselves, he still looks very young. As far as I know, his band only opened for the 5 northeast US shows; York, Erie, (No opening band in Verona), Scranton, Englewood, somewhere in CT.

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