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Calling all BLS experts


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So, this is the story:

Years ago, I heard a really cool BLS song. It was a midtempo song, or even a ballad, not too much metal elements, a cool solo and a great melody. The problem is, I can't remember the name if my life depended on it... I only know that it's NOT "In this river", and it ain't anything off "Hangover Music Vol. 6". The name could begin with a D, but this is as useless as it possibly could get! :D

I searched through all the songs they have on their albums but I didn't recognize the name.

So, please help me! I'd really love to listen to that song again.

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The only two BLS ballads i can think of that start with a D are Dead Meadow and Dirt on the Grave.

If it's not one of those it probably doesn't start with a D. you could try "the blessed hellride" "spoke in the wheel" "peddlers of death" or "rust". A version of peddlers of death is on zakk wylde's book of shadows album, but the BLS version is more metal.

there's some other songs i could list if it's not any of those.

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Maybe "Dead as Yesterday" off Book Of Shadows? Book of Shadows was released prior to Hangover if I'm not mistaken, really , really good album, in the same vein as Hangover (ie all slow/midtempo tunes), but imo it's BLS best album front to back. Very, very good disc, hopefully he has one more like it in him



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Book Of Shadows is not a BLS album.

Nice. I didn't know that. Just googled it and I guess it's just a Zakk Wylde solo album.

yeah, he put it out when he was going thru his acoustic phase after Pride & Glory. He would tour, just him and his acoustic doing shows. And I guess it's because he got sick of doing acoustic music, that he decided to start BLS.

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Woah guys, thanks for all the replies! And sorry that I kinda forgot about this thread!

I've got news for you, after months of hard thinking, Isuddenly remembered which song it was, and that I was way off with my description, as it was really a heartfelt ballad, "The last Goodbye". :lol:

Nevertheless, thanks for all the help and it seems I've got some tunes to listen to, which is also great!

You rock!

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