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Guns N' Roses - Brazil 2010 Tour


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Concerts: 5

Sold Out concerts: 5

Rescheduled concerts: 1

Total Attendence: 107,000 people. More 40,000 people were waited to the Rio concert, but it was cancelled.

Tour taped to the South America 2010 DVD.

03/07 - Brasília, Nilson Nelson Gym

Official Topic

26 songs

17,000 people


-Band had a blast with the giant flag!

-Dj Ashba stage dived!

-Audio BOOTLEG here.

03/10 - Belo Horizonte, Mineirinho Arena

Official Topic

21 songs

25,000 people


-Crowd and band sang Happy Birthday to Beta Lebeis!

03/13 - São Paulo, Palmeiras Stadium

Official Topic

27 songs

45,000 people, biggest attendence of the tour so far.


-Dj Ashba did a Meet N' Greet event in the Playtech Guitar Store in São Paulo, with an attendence of +/- 400 fans.

-Axl was hitted by a cup with water during Chinese Democracy, than he ranted... "[...]You wanna fuck with me and my boys? We will leave[...]"

-Axl ranted about the Disco Club acoustic show that he didn't attend, saying why he didn't go.

-Axl did a "FUCK YOU AXL ROSE!" chant.

-Sebastian Bach said this was the best concert he ever did, and the best crowd he ever saw.

-Sebastian Bach played a song from his new record.

-Biggest concert in Brazil!

-Audio BOOTLEG here. Video bootleg on the way.

03/14 - Rio de Janeiro, Apoteose Park

Official Topic

40,000 people were about to attend, it was gonna be the 2nd biggest attendence of the tour so far.


-After the concert canceletaion, Ron took a guitar and played and little acoustic show with a bunch of fans in the front of the hotels. Videos here.

-Concert rescheduled to April, after all the scheduled concerts in South America are done.

03/16 - Porto Alegre, Fiergs Park

Official Topic

20 songs.

20,000 people.


-Crowd and band sang Happy Birthday to Vanessa Lebeis.

Bye Guns N' Roses, thanks for the great time you provided us, it was the best days of my life!I really hope to see you back soon! Thank you for everyone who made it happend, specially Guns N' Roses =,]

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I've been to all brazilian shows and they were all fucking great. What a saga! but i have to say the best one of them all was Porto Alegre.

The rest of SA can expect some great shows!

Tour taped to the South America 2010 DVD.

So.. when did this became oficial?

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