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Burning TS folders on a Mac


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I despise Macs, but you could try looking up a program called Roxio Toast. I'm pretty sure there is a Mac version for that, and you can probably find a quick torrent for it.

I highly doubt you'll be able to find a free program that will burn all of your Video TS files completely without a watermark or something, though.

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Create a burn folder;

When in finder; file; create new burn folder.


That's how I do it on OSX 10.5.8


To make a DVD playable in DVD players? I've tried it, and it always burns a data DVD.

I just tried it - works in my dvd player? Perhaps my DVD player is reading it as data but it doesn't appear so?

Check out this article


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Toast Titanium.

You'll find it everywhere for download. If you wanna buy it, I don't remember it being very expensive. It's all you'll ever need for burning discs.

That's the answer all right. I've used all sorts of different things to encode DVD's on Macs over the years. Toast is the least hassle... or go for DVD Studio Pro if you're building them from scrath and want to do the menus etc.



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