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Anyone here like Opeth? A lot of my friends worship Mikael Åkerfeldt, but it's hard for me to get into them. But I like a lot of other prog metal bands like Porcupine Tree and Gojira, and Heir Apparent is a cool song, so I should be able to get into them. What songs would you recommend to start off?

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Orchid's my favourite. There's something magic about really old Opeth, the Orchid/Advent era that they lost later on. Akerfeldt's a bit of a genius and my god, does he have a growl on him. Having said that, Their music can drag on a bit, they don't really know the meaning of "concise" too well. I love some of their shorter pieces, my favourite being Silhouette. probably my second favourite Swedish death metal band after the obvious...

Akerfeldt's work with Porcupine Tree on the album Deadwing's also well worth checking out, he does a cool out of tune guitar solo on the title track, harmonies on the gorgeous Lazarus and a bunch of other stuff too!

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they don't really know the meaning of "concise" too well.


I once listened to a song of theirs that was 45 mins long, fell asleep during it, woke up, it was still playing.

Are you sure that wasn't Dream Theater? They're the only band I can think of with a song that long.

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