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Guns N' Roses First Lady


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Great, so after they inevitably break up, we'll spend the next 15 years discussing how Axl never got over it and is writing an epic trilogy about it to be released at some undisclosed later date.

Aint this the god damned truth?

This I Love (part II.). I dont know why she left me...could it be..I had problems with the prostate and couldn't pee?

Naw thats just catty and cruel..sorry Axl...having a jibe at you on your tab...actually I like This I Love but its hard as hell to get some of those notes out without helium.

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That's what they say here in Brazil...

She was also updating her twitter with photos, videos and information about the tour.. She was actually traveling with them..

She's pretty nice =]

So I wish them the best, but with a little bit of jealousy ahuahauha


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Beta is the first lady of Guns N' Roses. This article reads like tabloid fodder.

I concur here! here!!!!! not that I know espanol but hey its talk and u all know how bulls&@! walks,well so does pen to paper...........

National Enquirer type tabloid Crap, too many ppl buy into it way too easy :rolleyes:

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