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Playing in multiple bands

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So I guess I've been getting more noticed as a guitarist in my local scene and I'm getting offers to pay in two bands other than the one I'm in now, in addition to this me and a buddy are planning on starting a two piece acoustic act. One of the bands interested in me is a blues band which I would LOVE to play with and the other is just getting started, they don't seem to have much of an idea of what sound they're going for until we jam for the first time. But I was just wondering if anybody who has played in several bands at a time would recommend this, are 4 bands a lot to juggle? What sucks most about this is I just got hired at the Post Office and I'll be starting soon, so there goes a good chunk of my weekly time, I just want to make sure I can have time for all of this before I commit to anything. If anybody has experience playing in multiple bands please let me know if this is doable, I'd hate to say no to anybody but maybe that's just something I'll have to learn to do :shrugs:

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Thats what I was worried about, I think as long as I can organize a schedule between everything I'll be fine. The only reason I was concerned was because my main band usually plays it by ear and schedules practice the day of (which I really hate) but I'll be moving into a house with my drummer so that shouldn't be too hard. anyway, thanks for replying. I'm starting to find out that this isn't going to be a big deal at all, maybe just a pain in the ass hauling my cab around but whatever

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