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SWU Festival


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It was previously called Woodstock Brazil (the promoters from the Original Woodstock are still the promoters of this), and I actually made a thread for it. But since we didn't had many info, and now we do have, I'll create a new one.

I'll copy the following stuff from SWU's official site:


Welcome to SWU. The biggest awareness program for sustainability ever created in Brazil is starting now. By me, by you, by all of us. This is an initiative that was born of a personal desire and has grown because of widespread support. It is a movement whose aim is to inspire, motivate and transform.

Starting with the belief that small ideas produce big changes, SWU will show, through use of a major communication platform and mobilizing actions, what individuals are capable of achieving in their day-to-day lives to promote sustainability. An involvement which will later be celebrated in a music and arts festival, in the style of the great international festivals, over three unforgettable days.

Everyone knows the world is steadily becoming a worse place to live and that there is nowhere else to hide. We cannot sit twiddling our fingers And it might be easier to start than you think.

Find out a little more about this project and help SWU to build a legacy.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world,” said Gandhi


The SWU Music and Arts Festival will be a key event in the movement. An unforgettable experience which will combine music and arts in a three day program.

There will be daily performances by national and international artists and bands, upcoming talents and DJs who will alternate between 4 different stages. Artists already confirmed are Linkin Park, Dave Mathews Band, Incubus and Pixies.

SWU won’t be just about good music. The Movement will be introducing a platform in which specialists , thinkers, politicians, businesspeople and representatives of NGOs will discuss the main themes of sustainability that affect the world in the 21st century.



Dave Matthews Band



Linkin Park

Rumored/Under negotiaton

Foo Fighters

Faith No More

Jane's Addiction


Rage Against The Machine

Limp Bizkit

Bob Dylan

Smashing Pumpkins

and 50+

-Pearl Jam was announced as headliner but then it was cancelled :/ Shit.


Official Site in:




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