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Soundgarden: The Best Band of the 90's

Axl Knows

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Guest Len B'stard
don't see how anybody can take "Guess what daddy's bringing home for supper?/black person nuts and guts and slabs of human meat motherfucker..." seriously. Brotha combined outright black comedy with serious elements, as Eminem does. It's like a joke about how fucked up everything is.

I get this a lot with the more freakier end of metal, it seems like shock tactics for its own sake, which is kinda...lame. In my opinion anyway, its just not my thing, it just seems kinda...kiddy. I mean i like Alice Cooper but its all theatre with Alice...but you get bands like...Rammstein and whoever those fuckin...gore metal weird fuckers are that with names like Anal Cowboys from Hells Whorehouse or whatever, with their leatherface masks and its like...uhhh, okaayyy. I guess its just a taste thing. With Eminem its abunduntly clear that he's joking, he's self-depracating (or was early on quite a bit) so i guess that helps. Perhaps its just not my thing but it just comes across as kinda limp.

There's humor in bands in lots of ways and place (Nirvana are a great example of that, Kurt lyrics were pretty much full of humor and irony) but there's gotta be something special about it for me.

What you're citing as examples of Cornells prowess are, granted, fucking amazing. I had no idea he could sing that well but despite all of that it doesn't come across as anything a lot beyond really well sung blues-rock vocals...doesn't even really enter into whats great about Marvin...not even a patch. I was never a big one for those horsey Eddie Vedder type vocalist, they all sound kinda samey to me to be honest although i must concede there's something quite exceptional about the way Cornell does his thing. But exceptional within the framework of his style of music, actually thats unfair, its pretty generally exceptional but...it doesn't really enter into the sort of thing people like Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder or even Michael Jackson (as much as i dislike him) did.

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tool, ratm, refused, blind melon, down, pantera, korn and rammstein are just a few 90's bands that are thousands times better than soundgarden

:rofl-lol: :rofl-lol: :rofl-lol:

Tool are like Soundgarden's YET MORE retarded cousin. Even more retarded than Nirvana. I mean, Tool are like the cousin that drools all the time and shits his diapers even though he's 23.

The rest aren't even worth mentioning, I mean, Pantera?... :lol:

I made the cupcake laugh, gimme a cookie

on topic, cornell have sung like 5 alrite songs in his entire career

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Long-time Soundgarden fans may want to pick up Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock this fall. Activision announced today the band's first album in over 10 years, Telephantasm, will be packed in with the first million launch units in North America.

Telephantasm will also be available exclusively with Warriors of Rock for one week, prior to the album's retail release on October 5. Activision also said the album tracks will be available for download to play in Warriors of Rock day and date with the launch of the game.

"We're extremely excited to be collaborating with Soundgarden on this monumental moment in their music career," said Tim Riley, Vice President of Music Affairs for Guitar Hero.

"Guitar Hero continues to break new ground by being the preeminent interactive platform for debuting original content and a stage for the biggest acts in all genres of rock and roll to reach new audiences in an all-new way."


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When I first heard Soundgarden many years ago, I didn't get it. I listed to Badmotorfinger, and then put it in my junk bin. I guess at that time, I didn't realize the brilliance.

Years later, I started listening to them, and they provided some of the most powerful music/life soundtrack experiences I had ever had. Soundgarden became the soundtrack to almost 3 years of my life.

I debated with myself who was the best band of the 90's, and I decided it was indeed Soundgarden. I originally though Alice in Chains was that band, and it came close.

To anyone out there who hasn't listened to, or gave up on Soundgarden: save this band for important moments of your life, and begin listening to them. You will be so happy you did.

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Nirvana > Alice in Chains > Soundgarden

and lolpearljam

I think all of those bands are equal; Though Nirvana does have the best all round album out of the three.

Jar of Flies is very underrated by the way.

Well yeah, I don't think any of those three have ever put a bad album or song (definitely not Nirvana)

And yeah, Jar of Flies along with Sap are terribly underrated. I think Sap and Jar of Flies are both as good as Facelift if not a bit better.

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Their decent man, I like them.

I think the nineties were Oasis' decade but its each to their own like.. I'm british so I'm gonna relate to oasis better and you're american (??) so you'll relate to soundgarden better, it's just how it is.

I thought Primal Scream were on fire in the nighties as well, and Godspeed You Black Emperor.. at least I think they were nineties.

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