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Did Azoff sabatoge The Blue single release?


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I believe The Blue was supposedly the third single released off of Chinese, following Better and the title track.

What I find interesting, was that all the US radio stations at least gave CD(title track) and Better a decent chance

with airplay.

Despite the fact that Axl may be to blame for not doing extra promotion, videos, etc. The first two single I believe

made it to the top 20 ROCK singles chart here in the US.

My theory is Azoff didn't truly even release The Blues to radio stations. It was never played (except the random

station that perhaps the DJ liked the song). Do managers/promoters still send physical copies of a single

to stations? Id be curious to know why the sudden 100% "black ball" strategy by radio stations from this point forward.

Granted a lot of DJ's in this country were critical of CD, but at least they played the first two singles half-assed.

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It was actually played somewhat frequently on a Finnish radio station (Radio Rock) since the release of CD to around this time a year ago, then it faded. I don't know why did they play it that often. Like, once or twice a day.

Oh, and I remember listening to it last summer on said radio channel with a guy who said that "man this Slash solo is so good, he's awesome" :rofl-lol:

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I think one of the biggest mistakes was switching the Single too early they did not give Chinese Democracy the song enough time to get some radio play. Also, Axl's lack of promotion had a lot to do with it. He should have visited the major radio stations in the country and got them to play the songs. The fact that Axl does not like to do interviews is part of the problem. If Slash was in the band he would have went to the radio stations and got them playing and probably went to Leno and some of the late shows.

Another mistake was stoping radio stations from playing the leaked songs. Better was very popular when it leaked and got played on the radio. The slowness to release Chinese Democracy was another problem that hurt it.

But we all know that expecting this album to sell like previous GNR albums is crazy because it is a different band and a different sound. So you can't expect the same results besides a lot of time passed between GNR's past success in the early 90s.

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