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End of Days Instrumental?


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Well, Estranged and Oh My God are both great songs.

I didn't know Axl chated with fans on the early 2000s (or late 90's, I don't know). As you were there Nintari, would you mind telling more about it?

There may have been more then one, but I think I'd remember that considering I was there constantly. The one time I was referring to wasn't really a "chat". He created a thread shortly after OMG released, asking all of us what we thought of it. He responded to me and maybe a few others, I can't remember but that was it. After a few days the entire thread became nothing but a complete disaster and Ed (the lone webmaster/moderator at the time) locked it after several pages of "fuck you Axl/the song sucks ass/you ruined GNR" comments.

That was pretty much the entire gnronline forum. It was like the wildwest. The only person who even attempted to moderate it was Ed and he wasn't even a moderator. I remember it got so bad that people started posting hard core porn as fucking thread titles lol. You would log in and the whole page was hard core porn. Ed would log in and clean it up and then as soon as he logged out, bam...it was all back. It was fucking crazy. I worked with Ed for awhile as sort of a temp mod, but there was no stopping it. I eventually quit going there when it was unusable and that's around the time Axl's home phone got posted and it was then shut down.

Oh yeah, you know that stalker that harassed Axl? The one who ended up in his house, naked in his kitchen or whatever? She use to post there late at night as "lolly". You wanna talk about some weird ass/creepy shit..you should have seen her threads lol.

hehe, the good ole days! There were some seriously demented individuals on that board!

damn that place sounds fun ha!,

i love oh my god its in the top 4 guns n roses songs for sure. out of curiosity nintari, how do you know for sure that it was Axl and just not some random making the username Axl or something?

Well, when it happened people were skeptical for awhile until Ed (webmaster) said it was legit. I was always a little skeptical, even after Ed confirmed it but then when I found out Axl had been watching the board and shut it down, I realized that yeah, it was obviously Axl. I guarantee you that Axl watches these and other forums way more then he leads on. There are rumors to go WAY back that he was online even before the gnronline forum. Remember the rant at RIR3? Where he talks about Xoxi and the internet being a big garbage can? Xoxi was a member (another lolly like FREAK) of the gnronline community lol. So I know he was there, watching and reading everything.

I dont recall Axl mentioning Xoxi at RRIII. When did he do that?

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The only people who don't like OMG are the Slashite haters who want to see Axl retire.

The vast majority of the members here.

Exactly! In recent months, this place has become infested with Slashites who love to trash Axl because they want him to retire for good. Yeah, BBA, moreblack, and Nintari ... I'm talking to you!

Are you deliberately trying to turn this into another Axl v Slash thread? If not you're doing a pretty good job of provoking one.

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