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Mention of Possible Show in Dallas

scans n' copies

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I just saw this posted at HTGTH about Maxim's Super Bowl party.



Saturday, Feb. 5: Look at photos from last night. Yes, that's you sharing an ice luge shot with Paula Abdul. It's time to vie for a daytime spot on the Primo's patio. Good luck. And once night falls, watch out: Things could get slippery. It's a little overwhelming and nearly impossible to plan, but you'll be able to throw a rock and hit a party. The Maxim shindig is going to be lunacy and they've got some super-secret, top-notch musical performance planned ... cross your fingers for Guns N' Roses. For those inclined to a more rowdy local scene, head to the Dubliner and check out Boys Named Sue. (Had to do it, right?)

Quite interesting!!! Maxim's party is at Centennial Hall at State Fair park and is supposed to be a big-time throwdown. Here's to hoping----------

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