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Would you object if GnR used live shows to develop songs for a future album?


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man, i've seen GNR play the AFD songs like 6 or 7 times now, plus i play the hell out of recent bootlegs. i'd prefer them to stop playing AFD material altogether! :thumbsup: honestly, i've heard WTTJ like 32984798327498327498327498 times in my life, it really doesn't excite me anymore like it did in 1989 or so... BRING ON THE NEW MATERIAL! :thumbsup:

I would not mind if they cut Jungle from the setlist. Even MBS and SCOM :shrugs:

Part of the concept I'm suggesting here is also the re-imagining of the old songs. I empathize with some of the sentiments about having heard a particular song a million times. So what keeps a song fresh but still the same? Altering the tempo, messing with the time signatures, inserting new pieces, and just well, playing it a bit differently.

Here are two examples of kind of what I'm talking about:



The same, but yet different.

Wouldn't it be cool to hear Welcome to the Jungle played a bit faster, with a backbeat (or whatever it's called), and some of the parts played a different way?

Yes this would work! Obviously haters will just use this to complain again lol

What!? Dude you are the one that starts a lot of these arguments by bashing the old band all the time. You should be the last person to be preaching about haters complaining

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