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Steven Adler Court Case question

uzi your illusion

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I recently watched the 2 youtube videos of Axl on the stand for the Steven Adler court proceedings again, if you haven't seen them by the way go look them up.

It's classic Axl, well spoken, thinking before he says every word, and going back and fourth with the prosecutor. After I watched I looked for anything with Slash, or Duff testifying and found nothing. Wouldn't both of them have to of signed the "March 28th Agreement" as well? Those two were totally out of sorts as well at the time, you would think this would bolster Steven's case. Why weren't they called to testify, or any of Guns management at the time? If anyone knows any of the answers to this I would appreciate it, since nothing is going on till Rio at least we have something to talk about.
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I seen those videos, It's common for lawyers to teach their clients to stop and think before you answer.

In court every word you speak can and will be used against you and i'm sure Axl is used to how a court

system works :lol: I thought I read in Steven's book that Slash and duff did testify. He said something

like the court didn't believe them so steven won. I would love to see the videos of those guys testifying.

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Back in the day, a celeb in the courtroom was a spectacle, still is to a degree. But after OJ, who made LA law look like an epic joke, they changed their tune, started cracking down. It goes back to the Roman Polanski trial and trying to make an example out of him, which is why he fled the US and went to France. The victim forgave him and had said she feels more violated every time they keep trying to dredge this up. She's a mom and she settled her issues with Polanski years ago.

Back then they'd quote lyrics and crap, these are supposedly intelligent people with degrees.. the whole thing with Ozzy and Rob Halford being dragged to court was ridiculous.

Entertainment lawyers work in that field because the money's lucrative and their clients are dumb rock stars. If anything, they're naive and too trusting, and feel this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that'll never come again. I think musicians have the least amount of protection when it comes to entertainers. Actors seem to have have awesome health coverage, and it always seems there's always a benefit or other when a musician falls on hard times. Sebastian Bach picks up the acting roles here and there, and I'm sure if he got sick, he wouldn't be going to the Musicians Union for help. Alice Cooper's been in some really bad movies over the years. Maybe that's why some rock musicians do bad movies, just to get their SAG card?

On why Slash and Duff weren't there - they didn't want to rock the boat. I thought Slash threw his friend under the bus and should've quit GNR. But when you're in something as big as they were at that time, and being young? You're not going to have much sympathy for your friends.

I mean, for Izzy to walk out of that band when he did? It had to have been pretty bad. But no one blames just Axl in this, but "the people" he was listening to. Whoever they were at the time.

They were still going to get their royalties and their cut in the live shows. Musicians that are into drugs either get road crew to get it for them, or the local dealers are already in with the promoters and just go backstage when they want. Anyone who's worked in an arena can attest to seeing this. Booze is already paid for. Local doctors with questionable ethics hitting celebs up with b-12 shots and anything they need to get through the show.

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IIRC, Axl didn't *have* to testify, he *wanted* to. He wanted his vindication. It wound up blowing up in his face as the jury hated him and Adler wound up getting twice as much money as they could have originally settled for.

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