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  1. Good song. Instrumentally it's pretty sweet. Lyrically it's juvenile. You it's just a jam song. Steven stops playing near the end and starts again. Steven also continues playing after they've ended. Still it's a fun Jam.
  2. I can only assume that demos like that and Mr. Brownstone were not part of the Sound City Sessions but recorded separately. That's my guess.
  3. Ah yes. It was 12 years ago I went to best buy that morning to pick it up and no one else was there (good memories) Tried to find the CD, only to see 1 cardboard stand-up with the CD's. in it. It was a glorious day of mega promotion and lack luster songs. I'll never forget it.
  4. Not bad. It's every bit of UYI Slash. Circa 1991-1992. Something I thought was long gone. Happy it's back.
  5. Really considering buying this. SM64 was the first game I had on the 64 back in '96. Took me a month to beat and collect everything I wanted. Truly a great game.
  6. I thought the last album was lame with exception of a few cool riffs. Didn't like it and I got it for free.
  7. Sounds correct. I was close! This was all from my memory 30 years ago!
  8. Wow, I'm glad someone else remembers it that way I do. They said he quit. I remember seeing interview with Steven saying he was going to play with someone else like Michael Monroe? Later we find out he was fired.
  9. Seems correct. As I recall watching it. It was before the VMA awards.
  10. Oh, so you are unaware 30 year old recordings can be manipulated to sound different? It can be, drastically. I am not positive it's Frank either. If you listen to Frank Live. He misses drum fills and plays very different than the 1986 recording too. Frank is terrible but the 1986 version is spot on with Steven. That's my point.
  11. As a drummer who learned to play drums by listening to Steven Adler. I'm pretty positive it's not Steven. I CAN SAY every drum beat is exactly the same as Steven played it, but the drums itself sound so different, more modern. One other thing I noticed (if I can say this correctly) on SOYL Steven would hit the crash symbol and continue playing the beat. On this new version, after he hits the crash symbol there is a crash/snare combo hit. Lars Ulrich does this a lot, like in Enter Sandman, but Steven has almost never done it. This is what my trained ears hear while listening to this version.
  12. Estranged is 10 min long. I'm sure the length would be the issue. SOYL is only 3 mins.
  13. Do you have something to back this up? I'd like to read this if you have it.
  14. It has everything to do with it. Being raped a kid brings life long sexual confusion and pain. Unless you're trying to say he was raped and then chose to be gay/bi? Then I'd say there's something wrong with you.
  15. It is sad. Most victims at a young age will have some sort of sexual issues in their life. That's pretty much a given.
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