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FYI, this is more a review of the VIP experience than the concert per se. I also reviewed the 31st in the other topic thread.

Decided to do the VIP thing. Yeah, I feel a little dirty paying to meet the band members (wish I knew another way but I don't - don't know how u guys do it u lucky bastards), but the way I figure it, GNR are cool with it (otherwise they wouldn't offer it), plus you are also paying for souvenirs (shirt, laminate, etc.), food, drinks and atmosphere. Got there at the right time but no idea where to go for the VIP thing, no signs, etc. We were finally able to get someone to locate them for us. Please keep in mind that this really isn't the fault of GNR or GroundControl since they had a very short time to arrange all this. The room they had us in wasn't the greatest (not enough chairs, very drab) but the real thing that sucked is that it was outside of the doors to the venue and the only bars serving drinks were inside the venue. So you had to enter and exit whenever you wanted to get a drink. The food was only cheese and crackers. The cool thing though is that there was only like 10 of us so they gave us 4 drink tickets and the gave us each a general admission ticket even though we already had tickets. Also, when we went to meet the band it was really cool since we had a lot more time to interact with them since there was only 10 of us. Yes, Axl was not there nor were some other band members. But to me I understood that no band members were guaranteed at all. The guys who were there were cool and down to earth. We got the VIP laminate, but no GNR card (see my review of the 31st for what I am referring to here). The shirt is coming in the mail (they called us for what size we wanted) and I am glad since there were no special New Year's shirts but we were told that the shirt coming will be. The concert was awesome natch, but the meet and greet happened when Back was on so not only did we miss him, but couldn't get to the front again unless you are really persistent (Redman!). So overall pretty good and they fixed some of the problems the next night...

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