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  1. They don’t have to do what we want them to do? No kidding. That’s not like, an unknown fact. People are just stating what they want and wish would happen, which is a totally fine thing to do. All of this stuff about “they don’t have to” and “puppet master” and “indentured servant” and somehow “Quentin Tarantino” are not relevant to people stating what they wish would happen. Comparing a band’s release frequency to another band’s release frequency is completely reasonable.
  2. The vocals recorded in that song clearly were never meant to be on the final version. This is most notable on the very first few words of that song (I won’t be told anymore). They’re pretty obviously an error, or just wrongly-performed. The rhythm is completely different to how it’s actually supposed to be sung. I’m still convinced it’s the first time he ever sang it, for demo purposes, and he just never decided to do a final take.
  3. This. If I didn’t know any better I would think the band is a five-piece.
  4. I’m genuinely surprised so many people want this, or care.
  5. Melissa’s age has never actually been confirmed by anyone anywhere. To my knowledge, at least.
  6. “I probably know more about this band than anyone on this board” ”I don’t know anything about Chinese Democracy” ”Slash recorded Rock The Rock even though that’s never once been stated by anyone anywhere”
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