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  1. For those who haven’t heard yet, just imagine if Hard Skool was on Use Your Illusion 1.
  2. Unfortunately I don’t think it’ll last long on any of them haha.
  3. The lengths that were gone through to avoid having to record any vocals. Instead of just writing a new chorus, let’s just copy and paste this one word from the end of the verse a bunch of times.
  4. Who knows. Probably a little of everyone who’s ever been in the band.
  5. So vocals/drums/synth recorded in 2000, and then guitar and bass recorded within the last year. This song literally took 20 years to record.
  6. They don’t have to do what we want them to do? No kidding. That’s not like, an unknown fact. People are just stating what they want and wish would happen, which is a totally fine thing to do. All of this stuff about “they don’t have to” and “puppet master” and “indentured servant” and somehow “Quentin Tarantino” are not relevant to people stating what they wish would happen. Comparing a band’s release frequency to another band’s release frequency is completely reasonable.
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