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Remember the "Say Hi Axl" fans?


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From Brazil that everyone was pissed off at a while ago? I've been going back through old threads tonight (like, 40 pages back) and re-reading a lot of fun stuff. Watched their vids again and realized Axl wasn't the only one to put up with that kind of obnoxiousness :xmasssanta:

"Say Hi Ashba!"

"I am recording. You should say something."

I would have liked to try to see them try to get Tommy's hi.

"We are recording, Tommy. Say hi :D :D!"

"Piss off"

*bottle thrown*

Or Buckethead, if he was still around.

"We are from Brasil! Say hi, Mr. Bucket! :D :D "


"Say hi!"


"Just hi!"

... *backs away slowly*

"You should say something now."


*the chickens begin to approach*

"Can you give us a hug Mr. Buckethead?"

*the clucking is the only answer, drawing ever closer"

"We love you Buckethead, just say hi! We'll put you on Youtube!"

*the chickens are upon them and there is no escape from their clutches*

And that's what you get for henpecking Guns N' Roses.

I need to go to fucking sleep.

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what about the one with Axl and the 2 annoying fans?

Eh, I don't think it bugged him that much.

I know, I had a huge sleep-deprived rant about this in the original thread where everyone was taking it too seriously :xmasssanta: . Was still amusing though

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what about the one with Axl and the 2 annoying fans?

I don't think he likes overzealous fans & touchy fans, but he was prob. part amused, part "what are they going to do". I'm sure he's had to deal with the psycho fan element over the years, and prob. has enough martial arts training to handle himself, ESPECIALLY post Dimebag. The whole thing with the teenager on stage at the GNR show, he had control of the situation but I'm sure if it had been someone older he would've done a Maynard on him. Just subdue the guy. Howard Stern subdued Gary Busey pretty fast, so you never know who knows that stuff as far as entertainers go.

Most celebs learn self-defense because they never know when they have to use it.

That was just Beta talking him into meeting fans that came a long way, and he agreed to do it for her.

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