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Axl just mentioned on SNL

The Real McCoy

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The Foo Fighters are backing Mick Jagar on "19th nervous Breakdown" right now, and it is flat out rocking--fantastic! Would love to hear GN'R tackle this song!

Now they just switched to "It's Only Rock N' Roll". I've always thought the lyrics in the opening verse were written for Axl (gives everything and then the only thing sometimes it seems the fans would like to see is for him to stab himself on stage--metaphorically, or well, possibly really)....."if I could stick a knife in my heart, suicide right on stage, would it satisfy you, would satisfy you, would help to ease the pain?" BTW, this may be the best live version of "It's Only Rock N' Roll" I've seen in 30 years. They are rocking!! Give Mick Jagar credit, at his age, his voice is incredibly strong and he may have more range than he did in their hey-day of 1965-75...

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Quest from The Roots Tweeted pics of them playing outside in the ice skating rink area.

Supposedly we'll see the Stones touring next year, but in the meantime, they're going to keep rolling out soundboards from their most bootlegged shows. I think Jagger wants to record another solo album, and work with Jeff Beck, he said Jeff worked with the Stones in the past (he did a Q&A on Twitter) I'm thinking it's going to be all blues covers.

Jagger had said Charlie Watts joined in '63, and that would be the "true" 50th anniversary of the band. Good possibility of Mick Taylor doing the shows as long as he's in good health, same with Keith. Bill Wyman's also thinking about rejoining them for some dates if they do decide to tour again. And it'll be the full length albums if they do it, both Mick and Keith had brought it up.

And that tour will be ridiculously expensive, but worth every penny if Mick Taylor's in it. Ask any Stones fan how much they'd pay to see Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman in the band. There's a LOT of songs from that period they never did live with him.

Documentary about the band should be out before the end of the year. I'm sure it's so far in the past that if there's anything embarrassing from the 60s or 70s on video, they're not too concerned about it. There's been worse written about them!

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I watched SNL and thought Jagger was very funny and he definitely rocked with each song.

Jagger sang It's only rock and roll with the Foo Fighters. He sang 19th nervous breakdown with another band. Also rock at the end with Jeff Beck.

I'm sure appearing and performing on SNL, Jagger was probably missing touring the doing concerts with the Stones. I was hoping either Ron Wood or Keith would have showed up, but it didn't happen.

Anyway, yeah, mentioning Axl Rose was cool, but I don't think the reference made any sense, but that guy is so damn funny!

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