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What would you like Axl to improve on?



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We all know that, even being one of the greatest frontmen of rock, Axl Rose is notoriously a difficult person to deal with. Other than that, we all have come to know and point what we thin are his biggest flaws. If you had to choose one of those flaws for Axl to improve on, just focusing on that particular characteristic you point out, which would it be? And how should he do it? Tell me if you want more polls options.


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At this stage though I couldn't give a fuck about communication or his attitude to the old band. That ship sailed a long time ago and it's pointless getting upset about it. Out of the other three, his fitness and voice go hand in hand so improving the shape he's in will help with his vocal performances. As for the late starts, well it's not gonna change but that doesn't make it any less cuntish! :lol:

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