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Maiden Toronto


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Seeing as a couple of forum mods were there,and several forum members,,might as well give this gig some due.

I have some vids (of Alice Cooper too) and more are coming from Becket..and maybe some pics if P5 took any.

We discussed the show a bit in the other Maiden thread,but anyhoo..killer fuckin' concert! :devilshades:

The first song of the set,as filmed by me.

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Thanks Zint.

And a few Maiden ones.

Took quit a few shots to get this one. Loved how Bruce sang "I'll make Toronto fuckin burn!!" B)





Cool pics. He usually does the "I'll make [insert city] fucking burn" bit. The two little things he does that I love are the "We will return" as opposed to "I will return" on NOTB and the "Spend the night in an [insert city] jail" on Running Free. I especially love the one in NOTB because he started young it in all the speculation about TFF being the end of Maiden, and I felt like it was his little way of saying they haven't reached the end, plus when he sing that it sounds much more powerful. He doesn't do any of these every night, can't remember if he did either in Toronto.

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Anyone know if either Coop or Maiden were in a neon green tour bus? I went through customs ahead of one that Friday morning, and no musicians got off. Roadies brought the docs off the bus, got em checked, and the bus left.

Wouldn't have been either of them They played Montreal on the Wed. night then off Thurs and Toronto on Fri. so there would have been no reason for them to go through customs Fri.

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