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Led Zeppelin is one of the worst rock bands in history.

arnold layne

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Newsflash. Not everyone has the same music tastes as you. That's what makes us individuals.

But that isn't what you said.

You said they are one of the worst bands in history. That is different than saying you don't like them.

I could not care less if you like or dislike any band. But to say that Led Zepplin is one of the worst bands in history is just ignorant on your part, and really makes anything else you say about music irrelevant.

I don't like U2 or Nirvana, but I understand their place and importance in music history.

What is next for you.....1927 yankees sucked?

Do I have to write 'just my opinion' after everything I say?

And no. I won't be making any threads about baseball because I don't really like the sport all too much, just my opinion.


We can always assume that people are posting opinions.

But you missed my point.

There is a difference between saying that you don't like a band, even saying you hate a band, or that you would rather drink your own urine than listening to one song by them.......and saying a legendary band is the worst band in history.

So you hate Led Zepplin.

Where do you think they rank on a list of the best rock bands of all time? Top 3.....5.....10? Not a list of your favorite bands, but an overall list of best bands of all time.

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