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Mexican music

Vincent Vega

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Anyone else love Mexican Music? Not Mariachi shit--I'm talking stuff like this:

Or stuff like Selena.

If you like the kind of stuff I'm talkin about, I'm looking for good recommendations of like 90s Mexican music.

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Juanes is not from Mexico but from Colombia.

I´m not too much into Mexican music but not because I don´t like it but because of ignorance. Although one of my favourite bands ever is Maná.

Maná's a great live band without a doubt, but I haven't given them a listen in a while.

El Tri's been around forever, prob. the first big name out of Mexico. Alejandra Guzman, good rock voice. What's cool is they'll all sing traditional songs at one point or other, something that you'd never hear a popular artist do in America. Too many good singers to name out of Mexico, even though some of them weren't born in Mexico, but became popular there.

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