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Axl's greatest vocal improvisations

Freddie Mercury's Ghost

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Side 2 of Lies is Axl's greatest 20 minutes of vocals ever, particularly the breakdown in "You're Crazy"

ou're crazy, hey, hey

You know you're crazy, oh my!

You're fuckin' crazy, oh child

You know you're crazy

Ay,ay,ay,ay,ay,ay,ah,ah,ah,oooh, yeah!

Woh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

Oh na,no,na,no,na,no,na,no,na,no,no,no


No,no,no, no, no, no, no,no,no,no,no,no

No,no,no! Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, ow! Woooaaah, hayow!

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One of the reasons I loved GNR in 2006 so much was that Axl was comfortable enough with his voice to improvise parts of the songs.

My favorite example, which I was just reminded of, is the ending of "Madagascar" from their Budapest show in 2006:





Link to your favorites.

I'm sure I've heard the melody he sings at 4:30 somewhere.

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The way Axl times it and incorporates the ejection into the song is magnifique. ; )

"See me hit you, you fall down

Get that guy outta here

That guy right there

Are you listening to me Mister Security Man?

That guy, gone

Yeah, goin

Hand me that shirt

Hand me that shirt

Thank you"

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all videos from the 2002 tour should be banned. Everytime I see and hear them it pisses me off that so many things were wrong internally and externally that they didnt get a fair shake. Axl was so motivated back then and didnt give a fuck. And he put together a lineup that is just as good as the old one. Oh what could have been....

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