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Slash Atlantic City NJ 9/14/12 - SOB's VIDEO AND PICTORIAL REVIEW


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I saw Slash last night at the House of Blues- Atlantic City. Same venue I saw Axl at in February. I won't bother with a verbal review. Slash is the greatest guitarist of all-time. All pictures and video below were shot by me. Watch in HD. I will bring this camera to Vegas in November. As usual, this content is not welcome to be shared at Heretodaygonetohell.






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Got a full setlist? I've heard it was essentially the same as usual, except that Carolina was going to be played then wasn't cause of a talk box problem. So Hard And Fast was played instead, You're Crazy was in for Out Ta Get Me, and We're All Gonna Die was played somewhere. But I don't know if that means anything else special was played, i.e.. which Snakepit song was played (Mean Bone or Just Like Anything)?

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Slither is one kick ass song! I really want to see Slash, he seems to always deliver live.

I assumed the first time I saw him would be my only time. I mean, how many times do you need to see a guitar player doing one of his solo shows? That was 6 shows ago. I've seen 2 shows within the same week for Slash (traveling many miles way out of my way to do it) and seen him twice within the same month because he's honestly just that fucking good. And I would have been the last person to suspect he'd be incredible. He changes up the set frequently so I always see different stuff when I go and the band is out of this world. Nothing against the new GNR, but I prefer a 4 or 5 piece straight ahead rock band any day of the week. And it doesn't hurt that Slash has an incredible catalogue worth of material, that unfortunately most of the public doesn't know very much about (particularly Snakepit)

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Is this an actual band? Or is this just another Slash "project" (Slash and his backing-band)? They don't seem to promote themselves as a band, but as Slash feat. Miles Kennedy and the others.

I did see a concert from them that was streamed on youtube or something recently, and I think it was a killer concert. Would have loved to be there.

The only "thing" I don't like about this, ehm project?, is the drummer. He has no feel or groove in what he's playing what so ever in my opinion, and I hate his tuning (cheap dark plastic-ish sound). His cymbals sounds thin and splashy, combined with his bass drum tuning just makes it sound awful and powerless. I'm sure it sounds different, better, live when it's mic'ed up and loud though.

Slash truly is an amazing guitarist.

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