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So, how about Guns N' Roses for Super Bowl XLVIII ?


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Dude people have been talking about GNR playing the Super Bowl for a decade. Not happening. Slash and Fergie is the closest you'll get.

This. No more Guns at the VMA's, the MTV music awards(they still exist?), Grammies, Superbowl or any significant, relevent events.

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Axl and Slash are at the Monday Night game at Solider Field!! biggrin.gif

Reunion Starts Now. Shocked they would be seen hanging out in public.

Just what we need, the vocals of Rio / Bridge broadcasted to the largest audience ever. Not unless Axl pulled a Duff London 2010 Performance out of his ass.

Agreed. Axl won't do it anyways.

The only way the promoters would ever let it happen is with Axl and Slash (and Duff?).

Exactly. Original band or no GNR. What would these guys play anyways?? More cover tunes??

If his voice was capable, he should take a little trip to San Fran and do the national anthem for the World Series.

Certainly couldn't be worse than:

Sexy. And agreed.
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Axl would need a break so he can get his voice back...

Where does this "Axl's voice just needs a break come from"? He has been off for the last few weeks and sounds bad. He was long rested before Rio 2011 also and sounded shit. If anything he needs lots of gigging to get it sounding somewhat decent again

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axl would certainly welcome the paycheck. but i don't think he would want to expose himself to the ridicule that would follow his inevitable bloated, winded, off-key performance. if he performed at the superbowl as poorly as he's performed at rio, bridge school or the vma's, it would probably become the biggest internet meme of all time. lots of people watch that superbowl.

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