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Axl please take off the sunglasses!


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Bandana only.....get rid of hat. And I swear he had eye liner on for the Kimmel interview. Hopefully it wasn't borrowed from DJ.

I agree with getting rid of the hat, it ages him. Definitely get rid of the sunnies, how hard must it be to see through them in the middle of the night. TMS interview was difficult as you didn't see the eye contact which is important to humans & how we express things which was much better on the Kimmel interview. :rolleyes:

The eyeliner was likely put on by the makeup dept to highlight his eyes so they didn't blend in with his face like the interview people criticise at the sports stadium one time. He shouldn't be self concious about his looks, unless he reads these forums I guess. <_<

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His face is a little chubbier but tbh i think he's aged really well seeing as he's 50. He looked so weird & unrecognisable back in 02, i think he looks a lot more like his old self these days.

Dislike how he constantly wears the hat & glasses though. There's far, far less emotion. He looks much more like a true GNR rocker with the red bandana & leather jacket. Or even without the bandana too, like he did for a few songs at Osaka 09 and Dont Cry in London 10

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