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  1. I don't think he is bad, but from what I understand he plays (or played) differently than what Duff and Slash were used to and maybe vice verse. I guess the band does sound a bit more cohesive and swagger-y now with slower tempos compared to pre-Covid tour
  2. These two phrases don't really compare. Other one is about exploiting one's position of power to degrade women in real life situations and other one is lyrics.
  3. Thank for posting this! It's an interesting read. I always love to read about musicians' backgrounds and how they get/end up doing what they do. Melissa is obviously really talented. And needed. Playing stadiums and arenas warrants for a little boost on making the overall sound a bit bigger. In my opinion, anyway. If they were playing clubs it would be a different story.
  4. Is that really an issue when the majority of people are seeing only one show per tour?
  5. What?! Are you telling me that there are tens of thousands of people attending these concerts who haven't heard of an obscure 20 year old unreleased Guns N' Roses demo? Absurd!
  6. This all pure speculation of course, but I think he dealt with some serious mental health issues, on and off, between the late 90's and early 2000's. I mean, I've dealt with things like that, as have many others, so you can kind of read between the lines that his behavior (not getting anything done, no clear direction with anything, being "flakey", being bitter and angry, being late to everything, procrastinating etc.) at the that time is a classic example of someone having mental health issues. That doesn't fully excuse him, but it does explain some of it. I mean, suddenly becoming one of the world's biggest rockstars and having insane amounts of money must fuck up your head. Especially when you're sensitive and a tad volatile to begin with. Add having your relationships with your spouses and bandmates blowing up. It's no wonder why the original band went tits up.
  7. Will we be satisfied when they finally play Hard Skool? Do we start screaming for a third new song? And what about when the album drops? How long will we be content with it? "They have a vault full of songs! I want... nay, demand... to hear them!" It's almost like the band performs for live audiences and not for us forum nerds
  8. She released an EP in 2007, that has a song called 'Old Skool'
  9. That handlebar mustache was the perfect example of "it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it". I mean, that's a 'stache, that doesn't work unless you really own it. And Axl did own that!
  10. Followed by The Fusilli Whoopsie-Daisy! But yeah, I'm going full-blown delusional and say that not only do we get CDII (or whatever that'll be called) and one more studio album after that
  11. As long as the actual, attending crowd loves the gig they're at and the whole band gives their 100% what more can you ask?
  12. That Let's Dance song wouldn't be so bad*, if it wasn't for the fact that Ashba is just a hit chaser. Whatever he thinks sells, he slaps his name on it. I bet he uses words like "target audience" and "demographic". Yuck! And I do acknowledge that you have to be business savvy when you're a musician, but with Ashba it feels like he is a businessman first and a musician... third. Like when he started that solo project, he put out a press release first and a single like a month after. I used to like him and I still think his early Sixx A.M. work was and still is cool, but other than that... hard pass on the guy. *It still would be bad and cringey as hell. There's this Japanese musician, Miyavi, who does this kind of "rock meets pop meets dance" music and it actually sounds really banging, so I'm not trashing on the genre.
  13. Duff and Slash have solo spots, so why not Frank too?
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