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  1. Also, some governments have full taken advantage of the medical situation to either siphon off public funds to their mates, or to push their agendas through without scrutiny using their newly found emergency powers
  2. Statistics are most definitely shown to people in certain ways to suit whatever point they are trying to make. The raw figures are generally accurate, but they are displayed on misleading graphs or tables. good example: In the Uk, cases are given my council district “per 100,000”. Which means, and there’s a lot of places that meet this criterea, if you had an area with 20 infect people, and there were 1000 people living there, they would show “200” on the table. The same is true the other way of course but for the majority of the population they just see the number 200 and make their own conclusion they it’s a big and scary number. a better way of presenting it would be % of the population infected, or % of positive tests, but those numbers would be “smaller”
  3. I'm glad you all noticed that little nugget i put there
  4. https://www.bottlerocknapavalley.com/ Replacing the RHCP, who are currently making a record
  5. What level are you if you are asking about the chairman??
  6. Calling it now - there will be new Mars Volta music before the new guns music.
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