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  1. I'm glad you all noticed that little nugget i put there
  2. https://www.bottlerocknapavalley.com/ Replacing the RHCP, who are currently making a record
  3. What level are you if you are asking about the chairman??
  4. Calling it now - there will be new Mars Volta music before the new guns music.
  5. I have no fears about going to a concert, but I do have fears that if I put money down now, there's no guarantee at the moment that the gig will go ahead. Until I see a few back, I don't think that will change in my mind. At the very least, pay on a credit card so if it falls through, you can claim the money back via your bank (at least in the UK, that protection exists, unsure on other countries)
  6. I assume we are talking about this ? Definitely not I could have lied (one of my all time favourite frusciante compositions...) - but yes very similar to electric tears era stuff.
  7. So the song is out: Couldn't tell you Slash's involvement though - and I don't see him in the video. Corey Taylor & Ivan Moody harmonising though is epic. [EDIT] I think slash does the intro and outro, as they are completely different than their original version of this song:
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