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Does anybody else think the next step should be New GNR doing a package tour with Mötley Crüe and a reunited Skid Row?

Randy Lahey

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Would they have to open for the Crue, who seem to do a little better ticket-wise in the US than GnR does?

I'm not sure Axl would be up for that.

better ticket selling (400 tickets more per show) but with kiss and poison...Fuck you stupid dick head...In Europe,South and central America,Asia,Japan,Australia GNR doing 20k+ shows and MC 3k shows

Warchild is no longer the craziest and angriest member of the forum.

And you might want to check your facts. Motley outsold GnR at the Vegas residency. WITHOUT Kiss or Poison (hahahahah, you think of Poison as a drawing tool????). I didn't use the 2012 numbers of Motley touring with Kiss, as that wouldn't even be a close comparison.

Motley touring against GnR today......sorry fella, but Motley is a bigger draw. I posted the actual numbers, I didn't make them up. You should be mad at Axl, not me.


KDh..............everything you said has a tinge of truth to it - but not 100%. Everything you said is really based on your perception, what you think is important, etc. Do you also ask the people I seem to alway "argue" with the same question that you asked me?

MLS/MSL.....my phone auto-corrects it to MLS. So I guess I just got used to seeing it that way. You think that is petty enough to point it out to me, and say that it bothers you............but you don't mind the guy above this post calling me a "stupid fucking dickhead" for posting tour numbers (when he was actually wrong).......or for MSL constantly challenging people to 100-yard dashes or IQ tests for $20,000 and saying his lawyers will draft up the paperwork and put his money in escrow!!!!!

But I appreciate your comments and will think about it. It makes me laugh at how serious some of these people are and how angry they get. Maybe I do poke them too much....but it's funny to watch the cultist crew freak out. MSL and his escrow/betting stuff, a 50-year old woman banned poster now posting as a 50-year old man (warchild/sailway), and a couple other of these guys - it's comedy gold. It's like a Kevin Smith movie but with real people.


Iron - great post. But these guys aren't interested in the truth or facts.


LiveFromNormal............so you are also saying that GnR isn't relevant? Because Motley outsold them with their Vegas residency. And they outsold them in every form of the game in 2011. Same thing in 2012, though touring with Kiss skews the 2012 numbers.



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As for the 2010 vs 2011, ooops, I'll see if I can find the correct link. My bad.

Here's the top 25 tours world-wide in 2011: http://www.pollstarp...ericanTours.pdf No mention of either GN'R or Motley :). And here is the 25 top NA list: http://www.pollstarp...ericanTours.pdf Again, no mention of the two bands. Looking forward to Groghan's source-

I posted my source. It is from the expanded Pollstar list. So I guess my "source" is exactly the same as YOUR source.

Motley was in the 40s..........GnR was in the 70s..............that is why they aren't listed in the top 25.

And like I've said many times. I THINK that gross is a weird way to track the success of a tour, so I'm not sure why you are calling me out on that. Your boy MLS said that it is how the industry judges a tour's success. I would think it would be a combination of gross, net, ticket sales.

So you are agreeing with me that Motley is a bigger draw in the US.............but think I am using an unfair comparison or making a shaky statement because I'm not using a world wide tour comparison? Even though I said in the United States when I made my statements? If I said that Axl had red hair and is a singer, would you agree with me or would you find some weird offshoot reason to argue? "Well, his hair is more auburn color and while he is a singer, technically he would be classified as a musician."

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No because Motley Crue don't treat the other bands on tour with them well.

Besides Vince and Axl probably still hate each other. I mean Tommy and Vince hate each other lol

As for Skid Row, I heard that Bach would reunite, but Snake said no way, so don't think that's happening.

I guess Axl could discuss it with DJ since he's in Sixx AM, but I don't think the egos of Axl and Vince would do well touring together.

Also, I've seen the Crue many times and I'm so sick of singing most or all of the songs because Vince can't sing his own damn songs anymore. The older songs are too damn fast for his vocal range now. But if GNR went on before the Crue then I might go and then leave, but I highly doubt Axl would want to go on first.

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mötley is one of the worst bands ever.

Why do you think that? I could literally name 100 worse bands than them. How would one of the worst bands ever manage to stick around and be relevant for almost 30 years? Did u mean to actually just say that you don't like them?

What. You think Mötley Crüe is relevant?

This ain't the 80s, bro. Motley Crüe haven't been relevant to mainstream music in 22 years.


Is Guns N Roses relevant?

Absolutely not

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