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The Glow Inc.'s - "Orchestral stuff" thread

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I figured I'd create this thread to post all my orchestral songs / demos / arrangements in a same place, so I don't create a new thread everytime something needs posting. :awesomeface:

Currently working on arrangements inspired by particular soundtracks or in the style of specific composers, to broaden my abilities as a composer.

Let's start with this small arrangement in the style of Jason Grave's "Dead Space 2" OST.

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Thanks ! LBA was a great game.

I have a rather visual approach to music because, well...I'm a fucking nerd :awesomeface: love SF OSTs, videogames OSTs, concept art, matte painting etc...

Used to hide my orchestral arrangements behind industrial/electronic synths for years to give them the illusion of depth ( and because they were easier to mix and master that way ) but now it's time to improve my orchestration !

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Thanks guys !

My setup is mostly software and other than the libraries listed in the video, I use the main professional cinematic scoring libraries that composers use ( stuff by companies like East West, Project Sam, Audiobro, Heavyocity ... ).

Half of them use Kontakt but my favourite libraries, the ones developped by East West, use the "Play" engine.

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You are very talented Glow. I liked it.

I agree with the others, composing soundtracks would suit you as well. But never limit yourself only to that.

Did you have any scholing in composing?

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Thank you MBRose !

Composing soundtracks is my dreamjob and I'm regularly taking small steps toward that goal.

Never had any schooling in "composing" per se. I received a classical training from age 6 to 15 ( violin, theory, sight-reading ... ), which allowed me to teach myself how to play guitar, improvisation, and then to get into computer-assisted compositon.

Wasn't trying to become a composer at first, just wanted to record some demos with some friends but one thing led to another and I found myself a true passion for this :)

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I love classical music, do you still play the violin?

You can hear you have that background. That's why I asked actually.

Why didn't you proceed the schooling?

You really should go further with this and make it your priority (if it not already is)

Sorry for the questions.

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I haven't played the violin since the day I picked a guitar ( yes, really...it might not be too late because after 13 years, I still have finger memory from the violin but, I just love the guitar ).

I didn't proceed with the schooling because I disliked the violin and more or less sabotaged my classical studies ( it was my father's idea, he's a professional violonist ). Huge mistake retrospectively but meh, I was 15 and without it, I wouldn't have learned the guitar...or at least not for a while.

It is definitely my priority but I'm focusing on securing a stable job ( teacher ) for the years to come so I can pay the bills while getting my name out there, scoring projects and, hopefully, touring with my band from time to time.

Thanks for asking and for your support ;)

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Really good!

My father is a classical music expert and even knows a few really worldwide famous dutch musici. He forced classical music on us.

So my brother had to play the violin and I had to take ballet lessons. My brother was very bad :lol:

From an early age I restisted, but now I love classical music. So I get how that worked for you.

This last piece is modern 'classical' music almost. You should try to make a longer piece.

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