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riff from 'double talkin' jive'


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yeah if i'm not mistaken, Izzy plays all the guitar in the fast part & Slash & Duff play guitar on the outro, can anybody confirm this, don't wanna have to go find my copy of UYI 1.

It's the bog standard GN'R guitar production set up. Izzy's rhythm in the left speaker, Slash's in the right, Slash plays the solo and Slash and Duff play the acoustic outro.

I don't see how it sounds like Sanitarium, but I've always said its the hard rock doppelganger of the Creeping Death riff.

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Lol, when i first heard the UYI Tokyo DVD's i noticed this

But the riff is not exactly the same as Welcome Home

"Double Talkin' Jive"

This is the ninth track on the album, written and sung by Stradlin. At the end of the song Slash performs an extended Flamenco-style guitar solo. Interestingly, live performances of this song were stretched from its original three-minute length to more than eight minutes long. The opening line of the song "Found a head and an arm in a garbage can" refers to body parts Stradlin actually found in a dumpster in the vicinity of the studio.

Axl would sing this song live even when Izzy was still present in the band in 1991.

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i dont think the songs are too similar.

but they all inspire and influence each other.

nothing new that shit sounds the same.

Sorry, are you calling DTJ shit? If so, let me know where you live so I can kick your ass. :hug:

You are so tough.
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It is Izzy but the reason it sounds heavier than Izzy's style is the exact same reason many of the songs sound heavier than Izzy's style: Slash would crank up the distortion; also, that mix on the Illusions favoured Slash more than Stradlin unlike Appetite which had more balance between the two guitars. If you want to see the difference between an Izzy song as Izzy intended and an Izzy song once GN'R got their hands on it, compare the Bad Obsession demo with the version on Use Your Illusion One.

Slash obviously realised the simularity between Welcome Home (Sanatarium) and DTJ himself which is why he began DTJ with the Sanatarium riff before switching to the DTJ riff during the Use Your Illusion World Tour.

In my opinion DTJ is the greatest song on the UYIs.

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