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Status updates and the huge blank space on the forum


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I think we should have limits on the status updates thing here, people write big ones and there is an entire page of blank content because of it. Check the screen shot for an example, it makes it look... I donno, wierd?

Is there anything that can be done with the status update? even make them horizontal instead of vertical to eliminate this space before forum stats and online users?


That is alot of wasted pixels IMO

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Guest Gunns

is it because the pixels are black?

jokes, maybe put in a 'read more' function after they reach a certain amount of characters...ala twitteR?

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Hide the donation status and twitters.

perhaps move donation down, recent topics up and then make the status updates across the bottom

I actually didn't notice this before but now it's bugging me. Thanks gunsguy. :lol:

You are very welcome :) ha!

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Is it bad that I have no idea how to get to that page? :lol:

on a computer scroll down after support and you will be left with a giant blank space. before the list of users. On phone of course nothing. It is the main page

here is a screen shot of entire page so we can see what I mean:


now if you were to put the status updates across the bottom under aint it fun it would tighten the page together, eliminating the space. If not we loose 1/3 of the page to blank space

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Oh okay, I hide all of the sidebar stuff, so that's why I didn't see it.

lol then thats what I should do :)

I removed status updates and now it looks great, i didnt realize there was a option till you hover. Thank you BS

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