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Anyone else having trouble with the search function?


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But honestly here:

Just us. There's every chance this is somehow related to the size of the DB.

Fun fact - the reason the search is slow here is that there are almost 3 million posts in the one table. There's an archiving feature to move old posts to a seperate table, but this hadn't been turned on, ever.

About a month ago, I switched archiving on and ran the job. It's only about 20% complete... because archiving is set to run in the background. So at this rate, it won't make much of an impact for at least another few months.

I'll ask Invision if they can do something to speed the process up. At the very least, once it's done we'll have a useable search feature. At most, it might fix this Internal Server Error issue.


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I've always had a problem with the search. Pretty much given up on it.

Volcano is just kissing the mods' asses telling them it was working 2 weeks ago. He's probably drunk anyway. :P

Seriously, though, always problems with the search. Cheers if you can sort it out.

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As I pointed out in another thread, I've implemented a fix for the search, but we won't see any improvement in performance for some time yet (months).

I'm trying to see if there's something we can do to speed the process up, but at the moment, while a large number of older posts are being moved off onto a separate table, searches will remain impractical/unuseable.

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