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Question about Road to Illusion box set

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Today I found out about the Road To Illusion limited edition box set... And apparently there are 2 different versions, the one with 2 cd + vinyl and the one with 3 CDs. Apparently the one with 3 CDs is much rarer.

I can buy both... I can pick the 3 cd one up way cheaper, because the owner doesn't know what he has...

Do you guys know about how much they are worth??

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the 3 cd box is somewhat more rare, especially outside europe (Germany, where they were made and Holland, where they were sold a lot)

the 2 cd, 1 lp, box is more known and was exported and sold in the UK aswel.

20 euro sounds nice, and 15 for the other set (chi dem and single combo) is a nice catch!

I sold one, i still have both releases of the box, for over 70 USD on ebay a while back, in MINT condition.

The other box i sold, the making fucking boxes went for equal money. (made in Sweden)

They seem to pop up from time to time, but not often cheap on ebay though....

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You have cd only? I dl like the whole box. I dont collect vinyl boot only official stuff.

I'm pretty sure the box he has is complete. What he's saying is that since the musical portion of the box is only cds (and no vinyl) that he's willing to let it go. He's a vinyl nut!!!

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box is complete indeed, and in box is EX condition (little damage on one side)

content is NM, apart from the AFD disc / case, that is used for some reason by the previous owner and is in VG condition. The LIES and November Rain cd's are NM, like new!

I think the AFD cd was taken out and used to play a lot, while the rest seem really un used. The poster is NM too.

If really interested leave a pm or use the contact form on my site

(and Tim, calling me a NUT!!!! ??? hahahahaha)

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