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Eddie Murphy to star in Beverley Hills Cop 4

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I hear he lost the award because he did Norbit the same year he did Dreamgirls.

that was the word on the street at the time. it had just been released so it was fresh in the academy voters' minds.

his next big comeback was supposed to be Tower Heist, a supposed return to form, and he got decent reviews, but the movie underperformed.

then his big oscar hosting gig that fell through last minute. that probably would have opened some doors for him, but i think he was looking for any excuse to drop out of that, and ratner gave him the perfect opportunity.

I think he became uncomfortable as soon as Ratner quit, not knowing who would be producing the show.

It was supposed to be his "comeback" in front of a live audience, and he has pressure on himself to do well. He can write off a bad movie because they're still writing him big checks to do them.

Eddie did a good Rolling Stone interview a while back and went into why he hasn't done standup. He's thought about it, he said he has to go work the clubs again, but people would be pulling out their iPhones. Back in the day, he was able to work out the material and didn't have to worry about routines getting leaked. A lot of times, that's why standups make surprise appearances, because they can just jump in and out for 5-10 minutes, have people thrown off guard, then by the time they go "I should be recording this", have left the stage.

I do think the Oscar nomination has opened doors for the future in getting more dramatic roles, but we'll have to see what he decides on. Cashing in on old characters isn't a safe bet, either.

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One of the best stand-up comics of all time. I'm so glad I got to see him live in 1986 on the Raw tour. Most of the material was in the movie that came out the following year, but he had a lot of other stuff that wasn't in it. He was incredible. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. On topic, I don't think Beverly Hills Cop 4 is a good move.

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