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Mel Gibson

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Guest Len B'stard

Because he's made more than one movie?

If you ask a randomer what do they associate with the name Mel Gibson, nine times out of ten they will say Braveheart. It's the essential Mel Gibson piece for anybody that has a lukewarm interest in film. If you haven't seen it then I do not value your perspective on Gibson's ability. His acting and directing prowess are both crystal clear in that one production.

I'd say the essential Gibbo piece was Lethal Weapon or Mad Max but whatever. And as far as Braveheart, like i said, he couldn't even pull off a respectable take on the accent so even if the rest had been a performance worthy of Olivier it'd still be kinda naff, wouldn't it? I mean it's like watching the Malcolm X story...performed to a T, 100% flawless performance, heart-wrenching, touching, enlightening...by a guy in blackface :lol: It'd be hard to get over to appreciate the other aspects.

As far as not valuing my perspective well, i'll try not to lose any sleep over it man :lol:

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I never claimed that critically speaking you have to see Braveheart, my point was that it's the Gibson piece that has struck a chord with the most people. It's where most people's affection for his artistry derives from. If you haven't seen it, as I said, it's difficult to understand how you can be so adamant that he has no ability.

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Guest Len B'stard

I never claimed that critically speaking you have to see Braveheart.

Not at all no, just that my perspective on Mel Gibsons career is effectively invalid or not worthy of consideration without it and that it is the one production that exemplifies his talent both as an actor and a director :lol:

I find it interesting also that you consider yourself qualified to judge the basis of 'most peoples' affection of Mel Gibsons work, that must've been one helluva survey you conducted.

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