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The Bridge


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I've watched it from the beginning.

Excellent show. It's like you are watching a real life happening. Of course, we all know that some places in Mexico have had unsolved crimes and the cartel does run a lot of towns, so this show is very real of today's headlines.

I love the actors in this show. They are all amazing in their roles.

This show keeps you guessing and sometimes I just laugh right outloud because it's so out there.

The time when Ray and Christina were in the tunnel and in walks the cartel guys dragging a body, I just cracked up over that. It was just so out there.

FX has a lot of great shows. I've seen the previews to American Horror Story The Coven and this season looks to be the scariest. Can't wait.

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Great show/ What I like is that there is a serial killer element but it's not the crux of the show. I think we can all agree there are too many serial killer themed dramas on TV. This one is more concerned with the stories of the characters and of the politics of the US/Mexico border.

Also this might be the first TV show to have a main character with Asperger's. It gets cliche once in awhile but for the most part its been entertaining.

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