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Isn't it time for another Livestream and a little, "This is a new song. I hope you like it."


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Do it!

They've done livestream's before so nobody can claim the band or management is against them or doesn't know how to arrange it. If there's a problem getting new music out because the record company refuses to release it (which I highly doubt), play a couple of new songs live instead! If the record company is the one being unreasonable, here is the perfect opportunity to tell them to go fuck themselves publicly with an epic rant!

A news event, the catharsis of new music, the fans and band members would all love it. It's a foolproof plan!

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Well, Guns have always Debut new song south America. The illusion tour opened up in Rio, way before the albums dropped. In 2001, Axl put out new songs at Rio again.

Now there is a rumoured South American tour in the works at the end of the year. Which is probably only delayed, rather than cancelled, so your best chance of hearing new music in then.

It will also be the first time they have toured a country for the third time since releasing Chinese Democracy, that says to me, new songs!

EDIT: Despite what Ron says about not getting together, we know they have rehearsed Oh My God, Silkworms, Atlas Shrugged, Going Down and Soul Monster.

I reckon the band have these songs down to a T, and it probably only needs to be rehearsed one or two times before it's stage ready.

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